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A World of Ice

Pine needles covered in ice

I am not a cold weather person, so it stands to reason that winter is my least favorite season of the year. I just can’t handle those cold temperatures! My husband says I have no blood circulation, and maybe he is right! My blood pressure has always been on the low side. He says, "I don’t know how you can walk from a warm house and be shivering the second you step through the door!"

Berries in ice

I am always worried about my children and my husband having to drive on bad roads this time of year. We live on dirt roads here that are, well, let’s just say driving in bad conditions is a challenge! It seems in my mind that we have gotten our fair share of down right yucky weather already too! There have been an awful lot of ice storms already this season, and even now the weather man says there are three to six inches of snow in the forecast for tonight into tomorrow.

Pinecone covered in ice

But, even with all this complaining I’m doing, I can’t deny the beauty this season presents. The past few days here have been terrible with ice, but I just had to bundle up and venture out with my camera! I’m sure I was quite the sight, stiff-legging my way around on the ice trying to stay on my feet and take pictures. The world looks so different with ice clinging to everything in it! Things truly look like a wonderland!

Ice-covered fence

Icy clothes line

I know that sooner or later, winter will have to give in to the new green growth of spring! Until then, I will look at my seed catalogues, make my garden plans, and enjoy the beauty this season brings my way!

Ice-covered holly leaves

Coneflower center in ice

Ice-covered branches