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Leaves covered an area around the side of our Florida home that we never visit. We know it’s there, right outside our garage by the air conditioning unit but we’d rather stay inside where we can feel the unit instead of see it. 

Still, one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to work in the yard for a half hour per week. Since Tom drove to our property in NC, I had free time on my hands, so I raked. 

Over months of neglect, there was a fair amount of dirt. As I swept, I unearthed about 20 worms. The kind my dad and I used to dig up to go fishing. I hadn’t seen one in years.  

Except the time I drove my home school kids 80 miles to a worm farm.  

No stirrups, lassos, or saddles on this farm. Just worms in big boxes. My kids were unimpressed although a litter of kittens purring at our feet saved the day. 

I’m growing to appreciate worms. I’m not sure what they do, but according to the experts, if you have them in your soil, it’s a good thing. A great thing even. 

In my worm excitement, I called Tom as I raked. 

“I found several worms in our yard. You want me to send them to you?”  

Pause. Sigh.  

He laughed. “No, we’ll just have to be happy with our worm.” 

I knew what he meant. The last time we visited our soon-to-be-farm together, Tom prepared a field for plowing. A dry, rough, stubborn field. Just before he plunged the shovel into the soil, he spied our worm. 

He ran to the me. “I almost killed it with the shovel, Pauline. We’ve got a worm! I was careful to put him back in the soil.” His voice broke. 

It’s a good thing a worm will bring delight to our souls. 

We’re gonna need it. 

The following video doesn’t have to do with worms, but I love it. It’s a shot of our new driveway from the homesite to the street.

It makes me smile even more than worms.

pauline hylton
1/18/2013 1:18:34 AM

Thanks Dave. We are learning. Maybe we will mail order them.

lucia rider
1/17/2013 3:36:16 PM

Pauline, you worm my heart. I love you and your worm(s). Lucia

nebraska dave
1/17/2013 3:26:58 PM

Pauline, you crack me up. I too have been seeing fewer worms in the soil. Of course in suburbia, everything that home owners dump on their lawns kill life in the soil. Not just worms but all the bacteria needed for healthy soil. Even the soil in my big garden (Terra Nova Gardens) suffers from the lack of worms. The benefit from worms are the castings and the aeration that their presence produces. The castings are the best compost you can use on the garden. Their little tunnels will allow water to soak into the soil better and at the same time their casting will fertilize the soil for better growth. It all happens without an ounce of work. With worms in your garden, you can kick back and relax with your favorite drink while the worms are hard at work. Sounds good to me. You have an awesome drive to your home. It must be beautiful in the summer with all those trees. Here in Nebraska a lane like that would definitely have challenges from snow removal. Have a great worm day.