The World’s Most Versatile Electric Knife Sharpener

To assist the chef on your list, consider this nifty appliance that can be used over and over.

An electric knife sharpener from Chef'sChoice.

An electric knie sharpener from Chef'sChoice.

courtesy EdgeCraft Corp.

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Give those on your holiday gift list an item that they can use over and over again. EdgeCraft Corp.’s Chef'sChoice® Diamond Hone® AngleSelect™ Sharpener Model 1520 is the world's most versatile sharpener, engineered to put a razor sharp edge on all quality knives. This patented advanced technology electric sharpener can restore and recreate both, a 20 degree edge for European and American style knives and a 15 degree edge for Asian style knives.

The Chef'sChoice Model 1520 will quickly and easily sharpen virtually all quality cutlery including American, European or Asian style household knives; fine edge or serrated blades; Santuko and traditional Japanese style single bevel edges including the thicker Deba style blades; as well as sports knives and pocket knives.

"The demand for Asian style knives has increased over the past three years with Asian style knives accounting for as much as half of the cutlery sales at some leading retailers," says Chef'sChoice President Sam Weiner. "Many consumers own both 20 degree Euro/American knives and 15 degree Asian style knives for which they want to maintain the original edge geometry. The revolutionary and versatile Model 1520 allows them to put a better than factory, original edge geometry on virtually all cutlery with just one versatile sharpener."

Incorporating the highly precise angle controls of the patented three-stage AngleSelect system and the Diamond Hone technology that has made Chef'sChoice sharpeners world renowned and the choice of leading chefs worldwide, the Model 1520 sharpener is the perfect solution for restoring and recreating razor sharp edges on all types of quality cutlery. It creates the acclaimed Trizor® triple bevel edge recognized for astonishing sharpness and durability. This "gothic arch" edge structure is known to be stronger and longer lasting than hollow ground or conventional "V" type edges.

To sharpen Asian style knives at the traditional 15 degree angle, Stage One and Stage Three are used. To sharpen European and American style knives at the original factory edge of 20 degrees, Stages Two and Three are used. The initial stages sharpen and hone the edge using 100 percent diamond abrasives while Stage Three, which is similar to a barber's strop, polishes the edge with a patented flexible stropping/polishing disk for a super sharp microscopically flawless polished edge. Stage Three is also used to sharpen serrated knives.

The Chef'sChoice Model 1520 features an advanced, highly precise knife guiding system that automatically positions and stabilizes the knife as you sharpen, eliminating all guesswork. The advanced spring guide will allow the sharpening of virtually all knives, including thicker knives.

Difference between Asian Style Edges and Western Style Edges:

Asian style knives differ from Euro/American style knives in that the popular Asian blades have a thinner cross section where the edge facets are formed. Additionally, each cutting edge facet is often set at a smaller angle than the conventional facets on Euro/ American blades. The thinner blade behind the edge facets of Asian blades reduces the amount of effort needed to cut or slice. Asian type blades are ideal for preparing, slicing and chopping vegetables and for filleting fish and preparing the popular sushi and sashimi. Euro/ American style edges are ideal for cooking styles that work the knife edge much harder.

The Chef'sChoice Diamond Hone Sharpener AngleSelect Model 1520 is now available in leading department, cutlery, hardware, specialty and cookware stores, mail-order catalogs and online retailers at a suggested retail price of $199.99 for cast brushed metal covering or $169.99 for white plastic molding cover.

Headquartered in Avondale, Pennsylvania, EdgeCraft Corp. was launched in 1985 with the introduction of its model 100 electric sharpener, which was immediately acclaimed worldwide for its performance and quality. Today, the company offers the most technologically advanced sharpeners as well as high-quality cutlery, electric food slicers and electric grinder and grinder accessories, waffle maker and mixes as well as hot beverage products marketed in 50 countries round the world under the Chef’sChoice brand.