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The Sunny Side of the Path

By Tricia Millix

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A photo of Tricia MillixSome days are just full of life and beaming with sun! Those days are the ones we all look forward to, the ones that are just easy to breeze through with no real hang-ups! I have begun to find those days are more and more prevalent. I find my mind is more at ease with decisions my husband and I have made pertaining to our future and what we see in it.

We both currently work “off farm” jobs and that is a new venture for me, I did not work a Monday through Friday 9-5 job for over twelve years. I did have a few part time evening jobs here or there, in between our children. I stayed home with the kids and would provide daycare for a few friends for extra income.

You may be asking, How did I get myself where I am today? Well, it all began when my parents moved back home from Iowa over a year ago! They were moving into a Senior Housing Facility, it was just too much for my parents to take care of everything that went along with living in a “house.” They decided to move closer to family and find an easier living arrangement. It is a brand new, state of the art, 32-unit building. We all had our doubts about how they would fare; Mom cried, Dad worried he would be losing his independence and we were all SCARED!

They settled in, and in no time Mom has become the Mother Figure even though she is the youngest person there, and Dad, well, let’s just say he is the Watchman. They have become “Everything to Everyone” that they come in contact with at their new home.

I was the closest sibling and was not working, although I was very pregnant, so I took on the role of making sure they were okay. I stopped in every day and sometimes would be there from morning till night. I began to know everyone on a first name basis, including the property manager. So when she asked me if I would be interested in being her assistant I was intrigued. I could work and still have my kids with me, well, actually with my parents right around the corner but nonetheless with me.

Tricia's youngest son Tyler

I felt up to the challenge, even if I was due to have a baby in eight weeks! It all seemed like the perfect situation, my parents, my kids and a job all rolled into one. I thought it was exactly what I was looking for, hum, maybe not! I love seeing my parents every day and more than anything I love seeing my children spending time with their grandparents. There is nothing like seeing my one-year-old son walking hand-in-hand down the driveway with my 74-year-old father or the smile that emanates from my mother’s face as soon as she sees Tyler running to her. Those are priceless memories that I will hold dear to my heart forever.

Tyler leading the way.

I am at a place in my life when change seems like the only way to go, like I have said so many times before, to help me find my way to the life I am meant to be living. I have had a few new opportunities offered to me that would inevitably force me to choose, to stay working where I am or to allow our little bakery to grow?

This shoe no longer seems to fit, so I am ready to try a new pair. I believe I am ready to kick off the heels and put on my baking shoes! I keep thinking of that little saying “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.” I have nothing to loose except this wonderful opportunity.

It will not be easy to leave all the people I interact with on a daily basis, but I will be there often to see my parents, and I will still be able to share this little boy that they have all come to love so much. He is the sunny side of the path for every life that he touches, and I am ready to be a little selfish, I want to spend time with him and watch him and our business grow. So with my little bundle of sunshine in my arms and the beautiful path ahead of me I will take these steps with a sense of excitement for what lies ahead. This brings us one step closer to where we want to go and even if there may be a cloud in the sky there will always be a ray of sunshine by our sides!

5/3/2009 8:44:04 AM

Dave- Well, I think we are going to leave the boards behind and go with the beds you described, double dig here we come! We will still have maybe one or two of my beautiful Vermont Cedar beds, but they were going to take longer to be delivered than I was willing to wait! I am really enjoying that book, I have a new-found faith in my abilities to Garden! I would love to be able to extend the life of my root veggies, I am also intrigued by the Hoop House idea. HMMM, I wonder if I could talk my husband into that one?? He is not a huge veggie person, so I don't think he would care much if we were able to extend our growing season! Please keep me posted on your Dribble System! Take Care- Tricia

nebraska dave
5/2/2009 10:38:08 PM

Tricia, how is the raised bed coming along? I have received today “The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible by Ed Smith. Good stuff. It even had a section about the method I tried to describe to you. It was called the double dig method. I finished assembling a bag full of parts to bring the high tech drip or in my case dribble watering system online. Two pots are fully functioning with many more to come. I scrounged up quite a number of pots beside the house from past experiences. Hopefully by the week’s end I will dazzle the neighborhood with a spectacular display of color. If this pot flower garden works, I will have to put together another system to keep my earth bound mini garden watered as well. Now if all this comes together, I’ll have to find a good book on preserving the harvest. I noticed that in Ed’s book there are plans for a basement cellar to keep things like potatoes and carrots through the winter. That’s an interesting thing to ponder. I hope all your plants thrive to produce a great bounty by the fall.

4/29/2009 8:01:12 PM

Dave- Thank you for your encouraging words! What you say is so true, all we really have is today and tomorrow - we can never go back to yesterday. I want to look at each day, like you say, as the best day of my life! My kids are growing so fast and I sometimes feel like I am missing out on so much by working outside our home, especially with the baby because he is the only one I have ever worked away from! Even though he is just down the hall, there are sometimes hours that go by that I don't see him and that breaks my heart. I will take your advice about building memories, your philosophy about being old and always remember that those are important points to always start and end with! Thank you for making me cry a tear of relief that there truly is a sunny side to every path! Tricia

nebraska dave
4/29/2009 6:23:51 PM

Tricia, I do identify with your blog about the changes of life. Life is one change after another from the very beginning. All through out life there are twists and turns that have unexpected results some good and some bad. It’s really not about what happens on the journey through life but how we react and overcome the bad things and enjoy the good things. I personally have journeyed over many a rough road and can say that this day is the best day of my life. Tomorrow will be the best day of my life. Each day has its own life and decisions to be made. Tricia, don't be afraid to make uncomfortable decisions because sometimes the greatest joy comes from the hardest decisions. Believe you me I have made many decisions that didn't quite turn out the way I thought, but it was a process to get where I am today. I can truly say this is the best time of my life. I am one year retired and an eight year widower, but have found a new purpose and meaning for life. It’s really true about not knowing how I ever had enough time to go to work. You are so right about life being about relationships. Enjoy all of them that you can. Those kids grow up so fast and then all that’s left is memories. Build good memories. It will become the talk of future family gatherings for years and years. I am seven Grandkids strong with the oldest being 17. I shudder to think about how close I am to being Great Grandfather. My philosophy about old is 20 years older than I am so I’m never going to get there. I don't think it selfish to step into the new baking venture and wish you well in your endeavor.