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The New Wish Book: Grit Magazine

Jessica headshotI haven’t written in forever it seems.  My usual excuse….we’ve been busy.  It’s no excuse for not writing but it’s the only one I have!  I have plenty to share so you’ll be seeing a variety of topics in the near future.  Just a teaser…we scalded and scraped our hogs, OH MY!! 

I figured a perfect return topic would be exactly what my title says. The New Wish Book:  Grit Magazine.  The girls still enjoy looking at the ToysRUs book at Christmas time but every month they are more excited to see Grit in the mail.  Even before I get to look at it the oldest is paging through with her sisters at her side, standing in the kitchen saying “Mom, look. Mom, we need this.  Mom, Dad could do that. Mom, you could do this.  Mom, we could do that.  Mom.  Mom.  Mom.”


Hopefully the day comes that we can have our own farm and then the girls can have SOME of everything that they want.  We keep telling them to save their money, they are going to need it with the wish list they have.  So far here’s the list: 

The list continues to grow every day.  We discuss each addition including things like the responsibilities, supplies, feed, and so on that is associated with owning whatever we are talking about and if need be, why it wouldn’t be possible to have it.  There’s no need to quickly reply no.  Who knows there might be two Belgians residing in the barn one day!   

Well I’m off to make some bread bowls for tonight’s asparagus soup.  We are also blessed with three girls that love to eat everything and anything and don’t have to have chicken nuggets in order to survive.  By the time they are teenagers and have *gasp* boyfriends, we will have to butcher 2 beef, 3 hogs, and a gazillion chickens!!  Have a great day!