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Small Scale Farming: How do I get started?

Are you tired of the rat race and you wonder how can I get started with small scale farming?

More and more people are looking to get away from their high pressure jobs, and they fantasize about living the life of small scale farming. They can experience the joy of waking up in the morning, sitting down at a kitchen table and having a cup of coffee with breakfast while they look out upon their farm and garden.

The day starts, they enjoy the fresh air as they tend to their crops which grow almost by themselves as they enjoy the exercise and lifestyle of a small scale farmer.

Small Scale Farming


If you are, Do you know everything that you need to know to turn your dream of small scale farming into the life of your dreams?

As you can see, there are many aspects of small scale farming for you to consider.  Keep your dream alive.  Find answers for all of these questions, go for drives in the area that you would like to live and discover what others are doing to build successful, sustainable small scale farms.

Here is a list of questions that you may consider discovering about yourself before decide what you would like build for yourself.

My recommendation is for you to actively search and learn what lifestyle is truly going to become your dream life.  Get a mentor, join an online community, go to a few webinars.  But one of the best things you can do, is to be active in taking the action needed to become the person that can live the lifestyle that you want to live.

I have lived and worked on farms and ranches.  If you can, sign up for an apprenticeship.  Nothing works better to learn then to help someone else with their dream.  But do not lose site of yours.

Turning Your Dreams Into The Life Of Your Dreams

Chris Downs -------------------------------The Caretaker

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