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Rolling with the Seasons on the Farm

Gardens, vegetables growing, and oh so hot!

GaFarm Woman Pam's Garden

"putting up" the vegetables

Putting Up the Bounty

Pizza parties and swimming at the pond

Pizza Party on the Farm

Sunflowers and bumblebees

Sunflowers and Bumblebees

Colorful leaves

Colorful Leaves Over the Farm Pond

Cooler weather...finally

The Old Water Mill

Time for pear sauce and canning pears

Making Some Pear Sauce

Snows down this way are very rare, short lived, exciting and special!

Ya Don't See This Every Day

When I See Snow, I Take Photos

Yet More Snow

Before we know it, Spring is back.

Ahhhh, Spring

Flowers and butterflies

A Beautiful Glimpse

Biddies everywhere

Chicks Galore

Time to plant a new garden

The Time is Upon Us Yet Again, and It's Wonderful

and time to smell the flowers again.

Seize Every Opportunity

Which season do you prefer?

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