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Ranch Organics

By Natalie K. Gould, Assistant Editor/Web Editor

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Last week, the sweetest of packages was delivered to me at work. Not too sure what it would be (we get all sorts of deliveries here at Grit), I carefully opened the top and reached into the white mass of packing peanuts. Now, it could have been diamonds, it could have been chocolate or it could have been perfume. But on this particular day, nothing could have made me happier than this boxful of luxurious bath products. Soaps, bath gel and lotion lay before me, each one smelling more divine than the next. The source of this packaged relaxation? Ranch Organics based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Ranch Organics, as the name suggests, is dedicated to creating mineral-rich bath and beauty products derived from plants and herbs found on the working Rocky Mountain ranch. Scents are invented to reflect the changing seasons (fall's lavender, for example), sensual interactions with nature and the unmarred beauty of open spaces. Certified organic botanical extracts whisk you straight away to this idyllic ranch situated on a mountain meadow. After you try something from this brand, you will understand why they were included in the Emmy's gift bags in September.

Let me tell you about the products the owner, Debbie, sent me in this sweet little box.

Cedar Wood Goat's Milk Soap: This is the creamiest, yummiest soap I've ever used. I think what I love most is that it's not heavily scented, but leaves your skin smelling beautiful, not to mention impossibly soft. A hot bath with this soap and freshly laundered cotton pajamas are the keys to happiness. Until you read about the next product: Lavender Bath Gel.


Lavender Bath Gel: I used this as a light bubble bath, but I'm sure its original intention truly is a bath gel. Whether bubble bath or gel, one thing everyone can agree on is the intoxicating scent. Wrap yourself in a lavender field with this luscious product, and you'll find it's hard to remember the day's struggles. Just a little bit is all you need to create a lavender oasis in your bath or shower.

 Lavender Gel 

Rose Geranium Lotion: Talk about a lotion that not only leaves your skin hydrated and smooth, but also smells like a perfect summer's day. Lots of times, the lotion that smells good is not the lotion that is good for your skin. Some of my best smelling lotions leave my skin dry and agitated. Enter Ranch Organics lotion. My skin felt fresh, hydrated and squeaky clean after using this lotion. The smell is beautiful and alluring without being overwhelming. You can safely use this in the office without causing your coworkers a sneeze-fit. 


Mountain Range Soap: All I can say is you want this in your bathroom. Just having the bar of soap out will make your bathroom smell like a spa. That's what we all strive for, isn't it? This bar of soap sat on my counter over the weekend and every time I walked in, I couldn't believe how lovely it smelled. You'll feel good about using this soap knowing it's chock full of organic goodness. My favorite part of this soap is seeing the little bits of what went into it. Ditch the chemical-laden soaps for this natural and pure peace of Heaven.