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Goodbye, Winter

Erin BaldwinAfter such a long winter, I’m not even sure where to start. The temperatures have finally started to rise. The mercury settled in the mids-40s during the day and accompanying rain should take care of much of the remaining snow. The icy crust that has been covering our property is slowing retreating, leaving in its place soft ground and mud.

I’m ready to shake off the cold and focus more on the work that needs to be done around the homestead. I have big plans for the next three seasons. Fences need to be built, barns need to be finished and painted. Deep bedding needs to be mucked, and the compost needs turned. I want to expand the livestock we have, and packages of buzzing bees and piglets will arrive soon. I’m researching ducks and turkeys. I’m ordering soap-making supplies. The list seems endless right now. Despite the overwhelming amount of work that is waiting to be tackled, I find the promise of spring and manual labor energizing. I’m ready.

So goodbye, Winter.

Winter 1

Winter 2

Winter 3

3/15/2015 9:20:07 AM

Erin, Winter seems to have left Nebraska. The temperatures are way above normal. Tomorrow the temperature is predicted to be 80 degrees. It's probably not good for this time of year but everyone sure is enjoying it especially since about two weeks ago it was still around zero degrees outside. The garden challenge for this year seems to be moisture. Last Winter didn't produce much snow and there's been no rain yet this spring. Every year has its challenges. ***** Have a great Winter's over day.