Climate Change and Agriculture Discussed Between Farmers, Ranchers and White House

White House representatives invite farmers and ranchers to join them in addressing climate change.

Climate Change Agriculture

Climate change and agriculture is addressed by farmers and the White House.

Photo by Fotolia/maron

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A recent announcement from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Senior White House Advisor Brian Deese released their plans to partner with farmers and ranchers in an effort to “reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase carbon sequestration, and expand renewable energy production in the agricultural and forestry sectors.”

This voluntary and incentive-based program outlines methods for farmers and ranchers to approach agriculture in new ways and to build beneficial partnerships while maintaining an emphasis and overarching goal of reducing the effects farming activities have on the climate.

A few of the “USDA Building Blocks for Climate Action” include addressing soil health, livestock partnerships, and promotion of wood products from sustainable sources.