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10 Household Tips From My Great-Grandmother

Rhonda CrankI was 13 when my great-grandmother, Ma Horton, died. She was 85 years old. She left us with wonderful memories and many lessons for life. I have a rich farming heritage because it was just who they were and my grandparents taught me all their parents taught them. Now whether or not I remember it all is another story.


Granny as a child I wanted to share some of the household tips Ma Horton passed down to us. Her daughters wrote these tips down for those of us in the younger generations so we would have a written record of her wisdom and life. I picked the Top 10 that I use in my own home to share with you.

My grandmother as a child.





Ma and Pa Horton 

Pa and Ma Horton

I hope you enjoy using these or at least reading them. Do you have helpful hints from your grandmother to share? Let me know, I enjoy learning more of the wisdom of the old ways.

Safe and Happy Journey,
Rhonda and The Pack

(It is cold here today)

Sleeping in the cold