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Panama: More Than a Canal

Sheila S. Hudson head 

shotOutside my Window the rain is tapping lightly on the shutters.  As I peek through the shutters. a hummingbird spreads his wings and stretches his neck toward the sky.  He seems to enjoy his morning shower.  The bamboo orchids next door sway as the basilisk lizard known as the Jesus lizard scurries back to his dwelling.  A gentle breeze wafts by and a coconut drops to the ground.  All the while I sip dark, rich coffee on the front porch. Life is slower, gentler, and seemingly kinder here in Bocas del Toro, Panama.

A mile down the main road, you can find Finca Los Monos Botanical Garden (The Monkey Farm).  I was entertained there by the Howler Monkeys who are in command.  The Gillinghams are owner/caretakers of this 20 acres of rainforest which they graciously share with the public.  Bocas del Toro is a preferred home to many species of oropendola who unique call and conical nests are famous.  Just down from Los Monos, the Smithsoniaqn Tropical Research Foundation have specimens of a newly discovered species of tarantula.  Named Ami bladesi the spider is small, pink, and doesn't spin a web.

Banana. pineapple, mango, and papaya flourish and compliment the array of seafood that are a stone's throw outside my window.