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Our First Day as Farmers

Pauline HyltonThe sun beat down on our happy heads.

“Everything ready to go, Tom?” He made last minute adjustments to the magic green machine. 

“I reckon.”

My friend Miriam and I stood on rocks at the edge of the white plastic. The orange tractor pulled ahead, plastic rolling out the back like toilet paper off the roll. 

“Look at that! Yay!” Miriam shouted. 

That marked the first day we felt like farmers. Our “super-duper-raised-bed-builder” shoveled red clay into a 8-inch raised bed, laid irrigation tape, blanketed it all in white plastic, and shoveled enough dirt on the plastic to hold it in place.

Almost better than sliced bread.

The first beds snaked like a river but after the third try, the beds lined up like white rulers all in rows. We built 16 of them. Then we removed the plastic and drip tape and built 5 naked raised beds just for good measure.

Then it rained. And rained.

So we worked on our baby soil blocks. Tom shifted the ¾ inch plants to 2” blocks. About every fifteen minutes we walked out to the field of raised beds and marveled.

Finally, on Wednesday, it stopped raining long enough to plant.

And plant we did.

I pulled out cucumber and carrot seeds and watched YouTube videos on how to plant them. I carefully placed four varieties of squash on plastic and then couldn't remember where I put them. We plugged the watermelon holes too close together right next to the cantaloupe.

We mounted gigantic post-its in our dining room with diagrams of the beds. We soaked okra and sowed beans.

If anything grows, I’ll be amazed.

But really, isn’t it always a miracle when a tiny little seed grows into a plant? 

It makes me appreciate the Creator more. 

Besides, it’s up to Him to send rain to fill the creek that irrigates our field.

It’s raining again so I’m writing.

And waiting.

Kind of like waiting for a pot to boil, I’m waiting for our seeds to grow.

A miracle.

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