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Orion Entertainment Casting Call

Orion Entertainment

Orion Entertainment is currently casting outdoorsmen, homesteaders, modern pioneers, and adventurists who plan to build their ultimate, remote dream getaway in the farthest and most isolated areas this year.

This new television series will track dynamic men, women or families as they head beyond the end of the road to build their ultimate escapes in wild and distant locales as modern day homesteaders. We will follow you as you tackle the remote and dangerous areas by building make shift shelters as you build your off-the-grid cabins.  During the course of filming we will also see you fish, hunt and trap food from the remote build site.

A big part of the show will focus on moving men and materials into impossible locations under crazy weather conditions, and traveling to their remote locations by any means possible: snow machines, dog sleds, float planes, boats or even a pack string of horses.  What we want to see next is milling the lumber on site, setting up solar and/or waterpower for off-grid sustainability.  

During the build, the challenges of the construction itself will be minimal compared to the daily tasks of securing food, water, materials and chasing off bears, wolves and other predators. When all is said and done, what does it take to LIVE, EAT AND BREATHE WILD LIKE PIONEERS!

Outdoorsmen, homesteaders, fishing/hunting guides, trappers and adventurists are encouraged to apply!

To be considered for this new docu-reality series, please send the following information to

• Name, cell and email
• Area of build (sample areas include Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, the Louisiana bayou and all remote locations in between!).
• Brief description of cabin or homestead (square footage, off-grid features).
• Area danger concerns and potential obstacles: i.e. weather, animals, transporting materials.
• Please provide at least 2 - 3 photos of yourself and others involved in the build.
• Timeframe of build - estimated date of start and estimated date of completion.
• Why you're a big, dynamic character that would be perfect for this new series!