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When Winter Pushes Autumn Away

Country at HeartHopefully the title doesn't indicate that Winter is rude, but I think you might agree that it does have a cold personality, sorta like that obnoxious relative you don't like seeing except every 20 years or so. And even though Winter's character is a little aggressive, just like the other seasons, it's natural that it arrives ... and sometimes, unfortunately, usually before we Southerners are really ready for it.

On the other hand, though, I do like living in apart of the United States where we have changing and pronounced seasons. Summer is my favorite season, but if Southwest Arkansas had New England's colorful autumns, then, this may be my favorite time of the year. But be that as it may, no season comes to stay, and the one I really didn't look forward to was winter ... only for its snow and Christmas ... no thanks to Mr. Cold with his icy, northern arctic air and his three-month or longer vacation lingering in our parts.

Late Fall


While I don't like to use the word "hate," mentally it comes to mind when the last of autumn days, like a sly old fox, creep slowly away. Then winter roars in like a bold, brazen lion. We kids wore our light-weight clothing as long as we could. I piled on layers of sweaters and coats to hopefully delay winter's arrival, but slowly and surely, he came and embraced me with his long, cold, icicle arms, and when he kissed my cheeks his frosty breath took mine away. This cold-hearted visitor was definitely not my best friend, so I braced myself the best I could to guard against his inclement weather.

Even when we did our best to protect ourselves against this intruder, he still got the best of us with fevers, coughs, stuffy heads, runny noses, red eyes, sneezing, and all the other nasty little side effects of a cruel winter cold. This is perhaps the main reason I don't like winter, but even with this season's way of making us dislike it, it still brings us a White Winter Wonderland and my most favorite time of the year – Christmas.

Early Winter

Photo: robsonphoto/Fotolia

OK, Mr. Winter, I'll give you a break, because although you're not my most welcomed seasonal friend, when you did come, you sprinkled enough snow for us to make a huge, human-size snowman and "tightly packed" snowballs to have a long-running, snowball fight with each other ... and of course, a few balls to fling at our neighbor's old stray dogs, too.

Once I heard someone say that winter's cold weather is necessary because the cold kills germs. Now, whether that's true or not, I have not idea. But, anyway, obviously we have four seasons because God, for whatever reason, knows we need them., and, of course, that's good enough for me.