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My Rural Roots: Where I am From

I am from clothes drying on the line.

Clothes drying on the line

Blue skies,  fresh country air,

Blue skies and fresh country air

Green pastures and sunshine.

Green pastures and sunshine

I am from black and white pictures and television. Transistor radios.

Mamma and Daddy

I am from the deep South, rolling hills, and a half a century ago.

Our home

I am from the thick Pine straw,

Pine straw

Day Lilies, and the red Georgia clay.

Day lilies

I am from cotton fields, Magnolias,

Cotton fields

And Jonquils.


I am from soldiers who fought for all of us.

Soldiers who fought for us all

And from farmers who worked from dawn to dusk.

Daddy and the mule

From Grandmothers who loved us all

Grandma Reeves as a girl

And from older sisters who washed my mouth out with soap.


I am from Shall we Gather at the River?

And How Great Thou Art.


I am from rural Georgia, Virginia, and all over England.

From too few hellos and too many good byes.

I am from grits, corn on the cob and fried apple pies.

Grits, corn on the cob and fried apple pies

I am from the two sisters, the four brothers and the Mother and Father.

Two sisters, four brothers and Mother and Father

I am from all who came before

Those who came before

And after me.


I am from Future Farmers.

Future farmer

This is Where I Am From.


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