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Mother Nature Where Are You?

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Nebraska Dave don’t worry, I’m back.   Hopefully this post will get me back on GRIT in cyberspace.   


Between working several later shifts, flu, rain, garden tours, General Jackson War of 1812 return from New Orleans to Nashville via the Natchez Trace, Bar B Q cook offs, return to the land of the witch of Whistle Stop Junction, and working in the yard until dark, I’ve been seriously stressed for time.  



The week after the garden tours, we had a group of re-enactors to come into Tuscumbia following Gen Jackson’s march back to Nashville after Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812.  The spent two weeks retracing the event up the Natchez Trace and along the way had educational opportunities with schools and the public.  A Facebook page diary detailed each day of the real march in  1813.  Without the help of the Native Americans along the way General Jackson and his men would have starved.  They were rewarded by Indian Removal Act in 1830 which forced approximately 100,000 Cherokees, Chickasaws, Choctaws, Creeks, and Seminoles to move from their homeland in the South to Oklahoma from 1830 to 1850.  Part of the event was a side trip to Tuscumbia Landing, a site from which Native Americans were removed by river.  It is usually a very emotional experience for descendents of those removed seeing the Landing with its face looking out to the river experience.   




Janice and I returned to the town where that woman called the law on us while we were driving around taking barn pictures to pick up my Hooligan tile and a Rosedale Garden stone for my front yard. Oh course I had to put an Auburn logo on it also along with a flower.  Mark and his wife Missy treated us to a fine lunch and took us to see some of the sites along the Jackson Military Road, burial mounds and the grave of an unknown soldier of 1812.    

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I was checking some of my flower photos from last year around the middle of April; I think Mother Nature has overslept this year.  My peonies are just starting to bloom.  Last year they were finished by this time and the iris were at the end of their bloom season.  This year they started blooming about a week ago.   

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My corn didn’t come up after 1.8 inches of rain, when the garden finally got dry enough to till again, I re-planted my corn as thick as fleas along the back of a hound dog.  I also planted pickling  and yard long cucumbers. The next morning on April 24,we had 1.98 inches of rain.  Fast forward to May 2, my brother Joe’s birthday, happy birthday bro, and so far no corn nor cucumbers.  The farmer I showed in my last post planting corn in the rain has a very nice stand.   I’m on vacation next week to work in the yard.  I haven’t mowed my three acres yet and it and my flower beds is a candidate for nature preserve.  A Yellow-breasted chat normally a shy bird living among dense brushy haunts built a nest under the eve of my greenhouse.  One of the fledglings instead of going out into the world somehow made it into the greenhouse. I propped the door and went back to the house and got a fine weave fishing net that I use for catching hummingbirds in Mom’s garage and caught the youngster.  I gave it a drink of water and as I walked out of the garage to turn it loose, it bit one of my fingers. When I finally got the little snapping turtle loose and let it go, it flew straight back into the greenhouse.  So after another chase, I catch it and it rewards me with another bite.  After turning it loose, it made a mad dash off toward the dry creek.   I’ve seen several birds in my yard that I haven’t seen before such as a Solitary Sandpiper.  

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 Last weekend we had a BBQ cook in a rainy Tuscumbia.  I had fun just watching the kids playing in the water and around the train cars of the Tuscumbia depot. The adults didn’t enjoy the rain.



   yellow breasted char3918 

   yellow breasted chat 3931  


Construction is underway of turning my screen porch into a sunroom.  The deck has been built and the hot tub moved out of the room.  I put a doggie door in the deck wall, so hopefully the hooligans will go under the sunroom and deck during a storm instead of trying to break into the house.  Levi doesn’t like the fence around the deck at all.  He thinks he has to be near me and the fence is keeping him away when I’m on the deck.  


This weekend, I’m volunteering as a photographer for the 150th anniversary of the burning of LaGrange College by those scallywag Yankee soldiers on Sherman’s march to the sea.  The homes and plantations of the area were burnt to the ground around the area.  Tuscumbia had several homes to survive the march.  After that I can concentrate on weeding my garden and getting some more seeds started until the Helen Keller Festival.