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Mother Earth News Fair 2012

Welcome to the Mother Earth News Fair

I have just returned from attending the Mother Earth News Fair in Puyallup, Washington this past weekend with family.  It was a blast!   Saturday morning arrived and the rain clouds were just letting up for the day.  Sunshine was in the forecast and I could not wait to attend some of the 150 workshops of the weekend.  

Mother Earth News Fair Brochure

There were exhibitors, vendors, a Mother Earth News Bookstore with book signings, demonstrations, food, a poultry show and wonderful lectures.  I had the pleasure of experiencing lectures by Ed Begley Jr., one on natural beekeeping and one on gardening with backyard chickens.  All were excellent.  Here are some highlight from the fair this past weekend.


Alpacas are very popular in Washington State.  We watched as some alpacas and sheep were sheered during a demonstration.  This one is called a "teddy bear".

Goat Milking Demonstration Times

Goat milking demonstrations were scheduled throughout the day and a local beekeepers' association was present with an observation hive and local honey.

Poultry Show at Mother Earth News Fair

Outside, Community Chickens sponsored a local poultry show.  It was early and many of the cages were still vacant.

Silkie Bantams

However, I did find some sweet Silkies...

Live Lecture at Mother Earth News Fair

and cooking demonstrations.

Woodworking Demonstration

An amazing woodworking and blacksmith shop was also set up outside.

Hands On Fun with Vintage Tools for Kids

The kids were able to use century old drilling tools.

Building a Clay Oven

Clay oven demonstrations too were available as well as many other vendors willing to share their secrets and talents of living off the land.

Fisher Scone

Of course, I was reminded by my sister's family that a trip to the fairground would not be complete without a taste of a Washington Fair tradition since 1911.  Filled with warm berry jam, my Fisher scone was buttery savory, and simply delicious.

 The Mother Earth News Fair is presented twice a year, one the East and West Coasts.  The next fair is this September in Pennsylvania.  Click here for details and ticketing information. 

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