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Looking for Tractors in all the Wrong Places

Tom searches for the elusive tractor 

Tom busied himself with tractor research like a hibernating bear. In the morning, I’d see him mosey over to the computer and sit.

“Tommy, do you want breakfast?”

No response. “Tom. I’m having cereal and milk. You want any?”

No response.

Moving to his side, I’d touch his arm and bend over. “Tom. You hungry?”

Startled, he’d look up and answer. “Yeah. Why’d you ask?”

I’d run to the grocery store, mall, meet friends at Starbucks, have my oil changed, and when I’d return home, he hadn’t moved.

This went on for days, weeks, even months.

I saw various colored brochures tossed around his office. One day he said, “There’s a tractor show in Raleigh in a few weeks, I think I’ll fly up there.”

Astounded doesn’t describe it. Tom is a homebody. He rarely goes anywhere. For him to suggest going somewhere he’d never been—by himself, is like me saying I’d babysit your quintuplets.

The day came. He flew out, rented a car, secured a hotel room, and attended the conference. Anxious to hear about it, I called.

“Well, what did you think?”

“I only went the first day. This show is a little out of my league. I don’t even know what the machines do. Plus, they cost more than a house on Clearwater Beach! Believe it or not, I actually stood inside the wheel of one tractor.

He sent the pic.

Who knew there were tractors the size of Godzilla?

We bought a tractor. It’s orange. It’s cute. It’s just the right size for us. And we don’t have to sell our oldest child to purchase it.

Have you ever made any BIG mistakes in farming? What did you learn?

nebraska dave
12/16/2012 1:51:51 PM

Pauline, tractors can be fascinating. My tractor seat time was starting at an early age on a 1949 John Deere B. Nothing fancy and if I'd had an umbrella, it would have been wonderful. Even today I look at tractors and want one with no practical use for one. Monster tractors that cost three times the value of my house roam over sections (one square mile) of farm land and till, plant, or harvest hundreds of acres a day. I'm still drawn to the old 1949 "B" John Deere. Kubota tractors are a sound work horse for sure. I'm sure you will have many years of service out of yours. Good choice. Have a great Tractor day.