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Life Lessons

Snow and the lighthouse.

I was running late to meet a friend the other day. Nothing was going right. The dogs wouldn't go to the bathroom outside on command, instead they thought it was play time. Once I convinced them (with lots of cookies) to go, I realized I hadn't even warmed up my car yet.

As I finally took off, going through the list in my mind of things I need to do when I leave the house, I pulled behind a very slow vehicle. Very slow. Painfully slow. I thought to myself, this always happens when I'm in a hurry. Inevitably I get behind someone who is in no hurry at all!

Instead of getting angry I actually laughed out loud. I laughed because I realized that there are life lessons we learn over time and this was definitely one of them. I could do nothing about it, so why not just relax and apologize once I got there?

So that's what I did. As I was driving I thought about some of the other lessons life has taught me. Some of them silly, some serious, but all things I didn't "get" in my younger years. Here's a few:

What are some of the lessons you've learned?