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Joplin Bound

That right it's the shoes.  When old Dave does his work, boots are part of the uniform of the day. 

We are all piling into our vehicles on Friday June 10 and heading south to Joplin.  If all goes well we should be there in six hours.  Rumor has it that Interstate 29, our direct route, may be closed due to water over the Interstate.  There are longer alternate routes but with only a weekend trip in mind the shortest time to get there would be better.  We will be returning Sunday June 12th.  I know it's just a short trip, but it lets those that want to help and still have to work a job have opportunity to help those folks in need.  I, for one, can't quite fathom what it would feel like to see the bull dozers scooping up what used to be your home and hauling it away as common trash.  The heart wrenching emotional trauma would take years to really overcome, if ever.

If you are given to prayer, say a couple as we come to mind over the weekend.  Saftey is always an issue with chainsaws which is the most dangerous tool the homeowner can use.

Yes, I know the blade in the saw is upside down.  It came from the tune up shop that way.  I guess they thought that when I was upside down sawing a tree limb the Stihl logo would be just right for the picture.

I'll tell you all about it when I return.