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It's Been A Wild Ride

EileenMy love for riding started early as you can see.

First time on a tractor, my handsome dad and me.


Then on a pony, my brother Larry at the reins.

"Look Ma ... No hands ... This trick pony stuff's in my veins!"


Then I'm "cow-girlin'" on my Guernsey,

Dreamin' of rodeo all the while.


I'd grow up to keep on ridin'

Tho with a slight change in my style!

My next ride's a "trike" with my cousins in tow.

"Why, it's Batman and Robin!" Well, whadda ya know?


(Or maybe it's Superman and Lois Lane ... see her tongue sticking out in total disdain!)

Then we move to a Sportster, now all leather clad,

Quite the transition from the tractor ridin' with my dad!


Thanks for joining in on my "Riding Journey" from baby till now.

I just love to ride ... be it pony, bike or cow!