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How do you relate to others in your community, are you Independent or Interdependent?

The reason I ask this question, is that we just celebrated our Nations Independence Day just a couple of days ago.  We celebrate the break from England and the right to choose our own destiny.  Freedom  of religion, protection from the government so that we can speak the truth and share our ideas without fear of being jailed for them.

We celebrate many things that the Constitution proclaims for us to be true.  But there are a two things that I would like to share.

Would you rather be completely independent, or does choosing a life of interdependence the life of your choice?  In nature what do you notice about life?  Are all things connected in some way or another, or is there truly any organism that is truly independent?

How about the Wind, Earth, Water or fire?  Can any of these major parts of our planet be as it is and support our lives without the other?   Organic Farming,  even as the planet was created to be interdependent, so are we.  I wanted to share with you the one of the most moving sights that I witnessed during the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado.

As I live in Colorado north of the Air Force Academy.  We just recently had a huge fire.  The smoke had gotten so thick that I think that I had to chew it first before I could get it into my lungs.  On Saturday we saw the first smoke plume down in Colorado Springs.  It soared above the skyline and brought immediate attention to the challenge.  The first day I had heard that it was only 150 acres, however, our temperatures were record high for 6 or more days as the fire grew to more than 18,000 acres last time I heard the news on the fire.

Even though we started out in an area that was not affected, the fire grew rapidly.  That is where the heart and the attitude of horse owners, trainers and fans came together to help move the equine population out of harms way.  If breathing the smoke is not good for us,  It is not good for the beloved horses either.

I got to see a steady parade of empty horse trailers going into the smoky hills, and come out full bringing not only horses, but other livestock out of harms way.

That is why I really like working with ranchers and farmers.

When challenges come up, we not only have the ability  to help one another out, we have the desire and the love and faith to take action.  Not to take advantage of others, but to live the golden rule.  Love your neighbor as yourself.

I just want to say thank you to all of the Firefighters, logistics personnel, and Police who worked tirelessly to stop the fire, took care of everyone's property as if it were their own, and helped us all to once again know that We ARE One Nation under God!

It is out history,  our birthright, and our nature to love one another and help each other out during times of difficulty.  What a great blessing it is to live in a time where communication can be instantaneous.  Day to day we can watch on the internet, watch the news from different viewpoints and discover the truth for ourselves.

Just as in deciding what to grow, what part of living and supplying value to others, we need to do research and live our passion to truly have independence,  our customers and neighbors are the ones that we serve that keep us interdependent.  It does not matter where you were born, what you look like, or the accent that you have, what matters in Organic Farming and life is that we Love our neighbor as we love ourselves and God.

When you look around, we truly are blessed even during challenges that may seem too difficult for us to cope with.  That is when I am always reminded that it is Interdependence that we become stronger and flourish as a nation and as a planet.  After all, we have been given the task of being the Caretakers of this world.

May you see and take the opportunity to serve others today.

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Chris Downs---------------------The Caretaker