Growing the Organic Market, One Woman at a Time

The time has never been better for women to get into agribusiness, read more to learn the different areas that women may fit in the farm world.

Jordan Champagne of Happy Girl Kitchen, alongside her daughter, packing lemons in crocks. Tool Shed: The Good Food Awards Draw ideas from award-winning masters: Study the list of Good Food Awards and harvest ideas. Are certain food categories offered in some areas of the country but not yours? What can you learn from the packaging, websites, and marketing approaches? You’ll quickly see that the vast majority of these companies, like Happy Girl Kitchen, build brand through authenticity — sharing honest stories about what motivated the upstart and where the ingredients are grown. Launched in 2010, the Good Food Awards came to life through a collaboration of food producers, farmers, food journalists, and independent grocers aiming to recognize “truly good food,” the kind that brings people together and builds strong, healthy communities. Winners are honored at a special ceremony in San Francisco in January.
Photo by John D. Ivanko