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Gift Ideas for Modern Homesteaders and Rural Living Fans

Looking for some practical, sure to be loved gift ideas for the modern homesteaders (or modern homesteader hopefuls), rural living fans, self-sufficiency fans, off-grid dwellers and preppers on your holiday list? Or just looking for practical gifts for your friends and family that will help them get a little closer to a self-reliant lifestyle? Here are a few things I've come across that won't end up in the landfill - and will go on to keep giving and giving throughout the coming year.

My Personal Gift-Giving Criteria

I've been thinking about the environmental and social impacts of my gift-giving for a very long time. Over the years, I've created a mental checklist for any gifts I purchase, not only at Christmas time, but throughout the year. It looks something like this:

Obviously, some of these things sort of cancel others out (i.e., a Fair Trade gift likely won't be made locally, but both are good criteria to keep in mind). And while the list is a bit long, it does become second nature after awhile. Over the years, I've found these criteria have served me well in picking gifts that are low on the environmental impact scale, high on the 'social impact' scale, AND well received. So where do you find gifts that fit these criteria? Sadly, it's not generally at your local department store. You'll either need to buy from sellers who have done the research for you, OR do the research yourself.

Our Favourite Sources for Gifts for Modern Homesteaders

There are a gazillion places to find gifts for rural living and homesteading, both online and offline. Here are a few ideas of products and suppliers I've found really helpful in my searches for the perfect gift:

For the Self-Sufficiency Fans, Preppers, Off-Grid Dwellers and Modern Homesteaders:

For the Children on Your List:

Ideas from Our Facebook Friends:

We asked the gang on our Facebook page what sorts of things they would appreciate for Christmas - here's what they said (straight from the source!):

Some Other Ideas:

Gift giving for the self-sufficiency or 'green' set doesn't have to be boring - or difficult! And it can change a life if you pick the right one (think about how you can fulfill someone's dream, even in a small way). The ideas and resources listed here will set you on your way - the only danger is that you'll get so engrossed in all the options that you won't order in time for Christmas... ;o) Do you have other ideas for those rural dwellers/modern homesteaders/homesteading dreamers on your list? Please share them in the comments below! You might just inspire someone to change a life...