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From Summer to Winter

Natchez Trace

This has been one of the most unusual weather seasons I’ve experienced. February to early March it was warm, then cold, then rainy, with more rain. Then we had a dry spell so that we worried about the corn crop, then rain at the right time. So much rain that farmers worried that they couldn’t get the combines in the field. Suddenly the rain stopped, corn was harvested and wheat planted. Then it turned January weather, now back to fall. What little cotton is in the area and soybeans are being harvested and wheat and canola planted. All in all it will be a bumper yield for all crops this year. The dust from the harvest has been thick and heavy.

  soybean combine

unloading soybeans

dust clouds from soybean combine

cotton picking

The weather we’ve had has provided wonderful fall foliage this year. The Natchez Trace Parkway considered in the top ten scenic drives in the country has been alive with color. Birding areas have been very photogenic. The University of North Alabama (UNA), our college in Florence, removed the two roads going through the campus and turned into a pedestrian campus. What used to be asphalt has been alive with color.  I made two trips down the Trace and two to UNA. While at UNA I stopped by the lions den to see mascots Una and Leo. Usually they are on opposite sides of the cage next to the fence. Today, they were in the middle of the enclosure, Una was hanging over the pond and Leo was nearby looking in the opposite direction. I got a couple of good shots and both shot into their den when a car pulled into the President’s driveway next door. As I was leaving, another visitor started the trek up the walkway and I told him they had already gone in. He looked at his watch and complained that they were supposed to be out until 5 p.m. After I walked off, I realized that it might be 4 p.m. our time, but their stomachs were still on daylight savings time of 5 p.m.

tuscumbia main st

UNA squirrel

sundial UNA

Una and Leo

The Hooligans are still on DST also in addition to the lions. Come 2:30, they sit and stare at me, and if that doesn’t work, start barking that it’s chow time. One Saturday they were particularly outspoken that it was time to eat. I pulled out my cell phone telling them that it wasn’t time, and they kept fussing so I showed them the cell phone, saying "See? It’s not time." I felt really silly afterwards and hoped that no one saw me showing the time to them.

Natchez Trace Colbert Stand

Lagrange Xmas

Lagrange tree

Lagrange Xmas tree

Plantation Christmas at Belle Mont

They haven’t written their letter to Santa yet nor made their picture for our Christmas card. I think they’ve run out of excuses for why they’ve gotten into trouble this year.

I’ve been helping out with photography at musical benefits for a musician friend of mine who has lymphoma and no insurance. Bands from around the area have given their time at concerts to help raise money for lengthy chemotherapy treatments.

Clyde at Dickens Ya'll Christmas


ghost Dickens


My weekend will be spent photographing at the annual Christmas in the Country at the Lagrange College site. How things used to be and old-fashioned toys and crafts are the norm. A week later is the Iron Bowl, Auburn’s game with Alabama. I predict a win for my Tigers this year. The loser hears about the game for the next 364 days. The week after that is the Plantation Christmas and Dickens Christmas Ya’ll in Tuscumbia. Both old-fashioned Christmas events are a lot of fun.

spring park

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving from the Hooligans and myself. It’s the season to count your blessings.