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Everyone, Meet Ethan!

Becky, Andy, and EllyDear GRIT family,

It is with great joy and pride that we introduce you to the newest member of our family: Ethan Andrew. We have been waiting on his arrival for about nine months, having learned of my pregnancy back in early June. He was due on February 14th, and since Elly had come exactly on time, we believed Ethan would too. Apparently, it was still too cold for him and he waited another 5 days before making his debut.

Baby Ethan only hours old

Early Thursday morning of February 19th, I began having real contractions, and by 7am, we were admitted to the local hospital. Having taken a natural child-birth class for Elly, Andrew and I had learned ways to manage the pain without drugs or intervention. We planned a similar birth with Ethan. When we arrived at the emergency room in a state of complete calm and confidence, the nurse asked if we were coming for a scheduled C-section. Apparently, we didn't look like the typical couple hours away from delivery! I had about 8 hours of actual labor, and I estimate that 5 of the 8 were relatively pain-free. Ethan was born at 11:18 am on February 19th, weighing 8lbs, 13 oz. He was about 22" long and very very vocal! Because I had delivered without meds, the nurses were amazed at how alert he was and how "with it" I was. By that afternoon, I was in regular clothes (read NOT maternity, yay!), and Ethan was nursing successfully.

Ethan, Elly and Becky on his first day home

After entertaining visitors all day, we were ready to really crash for the night. The next day, we were able to check out by noon. We were glad to be coming home. There was one member of our family that we were desperately missing! Little Elly was pretty apathetic to Ethan the first few days, but as of this writing, is very interested in helping with "baby" and giving him her toys and helping him out with clothes and hats.

Elly reads to Ethan

If she hasn't seen him in an hour or so, she asks "where baby?" Just today she started saying, "Baby, he cry," indicative of a newborn's most outstanding trait!

Elly holds baby Ethan

Andy and I have made the transition from one child to two relatively stress free. It certainly helps that we are both stay-at-home employees, a luxury 90% of America cannot claim. We feel very blessed in that respect. Also, my mom has been helping out in the mornings for the last week which allows me to get some chores done and even a bit extra sleep!

Ethan at 6 days old

Ethan is a good eater, he sleeps well and is generally more laid back than Elly was at this age. (Let's just say she really put us in a crash course for new parents.) We are delighted by him and basking in the newborn infant stage that he's in. Won't be long before he's got his own mini straw fork and is helping Daddy bed the cows. For now, we're still braced by Wisconsin winter chills and holding a warm sleeping sack of baby is the best place to be.

Andy and Ethan

God Bless!

Andy, Becky, Elly and Ethan

Rebekah Sell lives on a small plot of land with her husband, Andy, on which they are hoping to build a sustainable homestead. With a small business and four kids, life is always interesting as Becky and Andy live fully the idea that the journey is the reward. Find her on .

jean teller
3/5/2009 12:08:18 PM

Oh, no! I'm so sorry, Andy! Tho I have to confess - I didn't recognize the magazine. (Caleb did.) I just think it's a great photo! Enjoy both the magazine and those adorable children!

paul gardener
3/5/2009 11:58:50 AM

Congratulations to you both!! It is a blessing indeed, and a very cute one at that. Jenn, my sister is three years younger too and I have the same pictures... too funny, must be an age thing. All the best you you all! Paul~

becky and andy
3/5/2009 11:17:19 AM

Hey Guys! Thanks for all the well wishes! Jenn, that's pretty cute about you and your brother. Elly definitely seems to care about Ethan's well-being. Jean- Andy is SO embarrissed (sp?) about that magazine. I was just telling him that no one would know what he was reading and then we read your comment! I had to laugh out loud and he just turned red. Only you would have recognized Nintendo Power. LOL! Debbie, thank you so much! Elly is 21 months older than Ethan, so looks like we have much the same going on with our children. I hope they become great friends. And thank you to you, Cindy!

cindy murphy
3/4/2009 6:27:06 PM

Congratulations! Wishing all the best to everyone at Foxwood Farm.

3/4/2009 5:41:06 PM

Congratulations ... he is Adorable!!! Brings back memories of my two - they are 20 months apart (19 1/2 & 18 years old now). Enjoy!!! How Wonderful!

jean teller
3/4/2009 4:47:03 PM

Welcome to the Grit Family, Ethan! Elly and Ethan, such cuties! Becky, I'm in awe! And Andy, what's that you're reading to your son!?! LOL Congrats, everyone!

jennifer nemec
3/4/2009 4:36:29 PM

He is SO CUTE! We're so glad he made it safe and sound! There are many pictures of me reading to my little brother way before he was old enough to know (he's 3 years younger). Welcome, little one!