Celebrate Arbor Day With Flair

The Arbor Day Foundation offers ideas on ways to celebrate.

Climb a tree

Climbing trees is one way to get people excited for their presence.

courtesy Arbor Day Farm and Tree Adventure

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Arbor Day Honors J. Sterling Morton 

To celebrate Arbor Day in style, the Arbor Day Foundation offers some suggestions:

? Raise the flag, strike up the band. Organize a fun run. Have poster or poetry contests. See if local businesses will donate prizes. Get the PTA to sponsor a children’s pageant or play.

? Get people excited. Show them things they’ve never seen. Tell them things about trees they’ve never heard.

? Fill the air with music. Have an Arbor Day concert of songs about trees, or with tree names in their titles.

? Stir people to action. Ask a civic group to promote a paper drive, then recycle that paper and save a tree. Use proceeds to buy a tree to plant in a special public place. Ask a local radio station to sponsor a tree trivia contest and give away trees to winners. Conduct a tree search. Ask people to find large, unusual or historic trees in your community.

? Dedicate a forest, a tree or a flower bed in a park, and make it an occasion to talk about stewardship. Organize an Arbor Day Fair.

? Get people together. Encourage neighborhood block parties and get neighbors to adopt and care for street trees in front of their homes. Distribute buttons. Give away trees.

Celebrate in a personal way