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A Whole Farm?

Satellite view of our farm with Monopoly houses 

We sipped cold water on a hot porch as we swatted flies. Guinea hens raced through the yard shouting their protest.

“Where do they sleep?” I asked the farmer’s wife. 

“What? I can’t hear you, the guinea hens are too loud!” 


The noise faded as the pack passed.  

“Oh them. They sleep in the trees. Every once in a while a fox gets them, but they’re sturdy.” 

So much to learn. So much to do. 

Tom and I visited a family that raised a little bit of everything. A “whole farm,” they call it. We looked down the necks of llamas who guarded sheep. Goats nipped at our heals and cows grazed on a hill far away. 

To say that this retired cop from New York and his wife did a little of everything would be an understatement.  

Goat soap, goat milk, beef, sheep.  

I’m exhausted just thinking of it. 

Gruesome though their schedule was, they loved it. 

I think we’re gonna love it, too. 

Here’s to 2013 in North Carolina staring up at a blue sky framed with majestic poplars. 

Happy New Year!