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A Quick Trip

Looking up 
I lay in dried leaves, gazing up at a cold blue sky.  

“Tom. Lie down and look up. It’s gorgeous!” 

“Yeah, if you like spiders crawling all over you.” 

With some coaxing, he joined me. 

Wind swished through pine trees that swayed rhythmically in the breeze.  


“You asleep?” 

“Not yet.” 

After twelve long hours on the road from sunny Florida to First in Flight North Carolina, he should have been. 

We’d leave the next day—or even that night. 

We accomplished our mission: start the tractor and open a bank account. 

Tom thought it was a good idea and I didn’t want him to go alone. So at 3AM we left. Before we got to our land, we stopped in town and opened a bank account. I didn’t get a sucker, but the bank manager did offer coffee. 

So, like Abraham, we walked the length and breadth of the land if only for a few hours and marveled. 

Blessed beyond measure. In this life and the next. 

Already home, yet, we loaded up in the truck to go home. 

Go figure. 

The View