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A Little Wisdom For Your Weekend

2012 went out like a lion and 2013 came in like a lion here on Terra Dei Farm.  No lambs in sight.   (Nor any goat kids quite yet - though a sow just farrowed a new litter yesterday...)  The loss of a grandmother the week before Christmas, and the loss of another on New Years day as kept us on our toes around here.  Though loss is always hard on a family, both incredible women had led long productive lives and our sorrow at losing them is tempered by the joy we find in knowing that they are finally released from their earthly suffering and reunited with their husbands.

So, in the last remnants of holiday spirit, here is our family Christmas picture:

 Terra Dei Farm Family Christmas Picture  

As you may have guessed from this picture - our Christmas photo taking session was a debacle.  We scrubbed the kids, filed up to the barn, I handed the camera to my sister and said, "Just keep shooting."  Chaos ensued.  The air was frigid, the sun was glaring in our eyes, the barn cats were swarming and attention in anyone under the age of 6 was absent.  You're welcome to view some "outtakes" from the event, here.

Here also are a few thoughts for your weekend, along with a wonderful "Farmer's Tribute" video.  (I don't own any rights to the video, simply sharing a gem that I discovered on YouTube.)

Aristotle Excellence Quote Terra Dei Farm Aristotle Excellence Quote