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$10 Christmas Challenge

Heather JacksonThis year for our Christmas gift giving, we are doing things a little bit differently.  Let's face the facts.  We have 5 people and a LOT of animals living on one income.  We get by, but things are usually at least a little tight.  Christmas is the hardest time of the year to make ends meet.  There are always unexpected expenses, worthy charities, Christmas parties that require presents, extra food to buy.  The list is endless.  Something around here always seems to break in December too! 

Anyway, Christmas shouldn't be stressful!  It is about celebrating the birth of Jesus, NOT about showing off who bought the biggest gift for whom.  With that in mind, Eric and I started talking about the idea of a gift challenge between the two of us, but we soon decided to expand it to the rest of the family as well!  

We will not spend more than $10 per person on Christmas Gifts  

Now, I'm sure that Santa will bring the kids a few things, but I'm talking about gift giving between family members.  We decided to lay out some ground rules, so I thought I would share them and hopefully get some accountability from my readers!

The Rules: 

Our goal is that no one will feel left out or deprived of a Christmas by our financial limitations.  Rather, we hope to make memories and form an even stronger family bond through the process of making thoughtful gifts for one another.

Would you consider joining us by making your own gift giving pledge?  If you aren't crafty, or if you simply don't have the time this year, you could consider purchasing locally at craft shows, or online at to support artists rather than supporting the big box stores.  Let's make a difference this Christmas and remember what the Grinch learned,

"Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store.  Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more."

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