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A marketing idea for homesteaders!

4-H Isn't Always About Competition

Competition is a big part of the 4-H program, but certainly not all of it. Kids learn valuable lessons that will last a lifetime, while still having fun.

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Late Bloomer

Arbor Day is the perfect time to plant new trees around your home.

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Raising Chickens at School


Amy GreeneLife in the Greene House
By Amy Greene



Chicken coops come in all sizes and styles to meet the needs of every chicken family. Start a great DIY project, and build a chicken coop with these how-to drawings and conceptual plans for 45 different designs — from strictly practical to flights of fancy — guaranteed to meet the needs of every chicken owner. A 16-page color section shows detailed photos of many of the featured coops.



Every health-related culinary trend reaches a tipping point at which it must either evolve or become a cultural cliché. In the case of gluten-free eating, award-winning blogger Erin Scott is the new face of modern, fresh, gluten-free cooking and living. With influences ranging from a career in the high fashion and design industries to 25 years living in Berkeley, California, in the shadow of Chez Panisse restaurant, Scott has devoted her life to family-friendly gluten-free cooking as realized through fresh, seasonal, real food; honest ingredients; and simple and delicious recipes devoid of the usual gums normally used as fillers in stodgy gluten-free cooking.

The first gluten-free cookbook that’s so enticing it transcends the genre, Yummy Supper is about bounty, flavor and fun. Based on Scott’s award-winning blog of the same name, it has the same clean, visual aesthetic. These are recipes that emphasize naturally gluten-free ingredients and, like her blog, will appeal not only to people suffering from celiac disease but also to anyone just looking for a great recipe.

With practical chapters such as "Slurp," "Nut," "Egg" and "Sea," Scott’s book covers the entire family meal with instructions and notes that are flexible, playful and tasty. Plus, it includes mouthwatering dishes such as Watermelon Punch with Fresh Lime and Mint, Poached Eggs with Lemony Spinach & Crispy Hash Browns, Parmesan Polenta with Garlicky Rapini and Black Olives, Peanut Butter Cups with Dark Chocolate and Flaky Sea Salt, and much more.



  • Width: 16'-0" Depth: 10'-0"
  • Size - 16'-0" x 10'-0" x 9'-6" high
  • Deck design has a sun-screen covering
  • Enhance your outdoors with this shaded deck
  • Complete list of materials
  • Step-by-step instructions

Create an always-shaded area to enjoy the outdoors with this attractive deck. Finished product size: 16-by-10 feet.

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Take the simple questionnaire inside The Skin Type Solution and within minutes discover which of the 16 unique skin types describes your skin, which ingredients to avoid, the skin care brands that are right for you, and your new time- and money-saving regimen. In this revised edition of her classic bestseller, world-renowned Miami Beach dermatologist and researcher Dr. Leslie Baumann helps you shop for the optimal skin care products. She provides detailed lists of recommended products suited to every skin type and budget. Inside you'll find:

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Now you can look like a million bucks without spending a fortune. This book is almost as good as having Dr. Baumann give you a personal consultation!