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Butler Mobility Power Unit Has Many Applications

Butler Power Unit 

Butler Mobility uses a high-quality, high-tech power lift for its inclined platform wheelchair lift. That same superior power unit can also be used for many other applications and purposes.

In addition to being used successfully in the wheelchair lift system, the same power unit can work in many other applications, including material lifts, low-speed mixing purposes, packaging machinery, conveyors for a high-value product and also as a control for batch or continuous processes, such as baking or heat treating.

The power unit has many handy features that can provide specific needs for companies and businesses.  The unit has a rigid, double-decker chassis design that includes thick aluminum plates and durable fasteners.  The power unit also features a brake that safely holds the motor without power, as well as a gear box in a sealed unit. The power design also keeps the output from moving. The unit's chain drive is also rated for more than a 6,000-pound capacity.

The device's power unit has many electrical features. Controls allow the system to operate on low-current 24VDC power supply. With the PLC and expansion module wired to three front-panel connectors, there are three switch circuits, including forward, stop and reverse applications.

An emergency stop switch circuit also passes through two of the connectors and disconnects the AC drive from the motor, releasing the brakes to hold the motor.  With UL listed electrical components and a battery backup for at least five minutes of full-load operation, the power unit can be utilized by a wide variety of industries.

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