Thurston Moore 

You Won't Believe it!

By Thurston Moore

In 1978, GRIT featured a story about the Elvis Presley products I produced. My life has been full of adventures, and I have written an autobiography. I thought it would be fun to use my GRIT blog as an outlet for posting weekly chapters with photos from my autobiography – from stories of being a newsboy in 1937 to delivering an International Peace Talk in India in 2002, to all the people I have interacted with – people such as Johnny Cash, Martin Luther King, Patti Page, Charlie Chaplin, Lena Horne, Walter Cronkite, , President Nixon, Charlton Heston, Judy Garland, Alex Haley, Hugh O’Brian and Shirley Temple Black, to name a few.  My wife of 58 years, Georgianna, and I made the perfect team, working together in everything we did. I am President of Tennessee Players, Inc.,  for which New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg stated in a proclamation … “establishes the  Tennessee Players as one of the nation’s most innovative and conscientious arts organizations.”