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Young People Bring Renewed Excitement to Russ-Stick Acres

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Skipping in snow

Fly’s in the buttermilk.
Shoo, fly, shoo.

Close up of colorful rooster

We always enjoy having young adults come to Russ-Stick Acres.

Chickens in coop with LuLu

As with adults, we enjoy it when they share our excitement.

Excitement about the animals.

And living simply.

LuLu on a snowy trail

LuLu is no exception.

Handling sled dog

She works hard.

Dogsledding in spring

She plays hard.

Girl meets horse

But it’s more than working and playing.

Girl handling horse

It’s about being an individual.

Enjoying nature

It’s about the excitement of being in nature.

Gentle touch with horse

Not being afraid to connect.

Girl loving horse

To be on the cusp of childlike wonder…

Girl connects with horse

…and not be afraid to live life fully.

Girl and horse happy together

Something we adults forget at times.

Thank you, LuLu.

For reminding those around you of the wonder of being a kid again.

Until tomorrow ~ God willing,