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Wrens and hooligans just don’t mix

I’ve been battling with a Carolina wren that somehow was getting into my barn and decided to make a nest in my tilt trailer that I haul around with my riding mower. Normally I don’t mind, but I had visions of the little birds fledging and coming home total destruction of everything in the barn from the hooligans trying to catch the birds.   Since it’s summer, I really need to use it for hauling things around the yard.

wren nest in trailer

I thought maybe she was coming through the dog door that was dangling by one electrical tie instead of the two I normally have it hanging from.  I need to replace the door, but the company went out of business and a new one is a different size, so it means a redo of the siding of the wall the door is mounted in. I repaired the flap and threw the nest out only to come back two days later to a completely rebuilt nest.  She was either coming in a chewed off corner of the flap or through the bent in the roof. 

egg shells

Again I threw the nest out and watched the trailer for several days and around in the barn for signs of a third nest. Not finding one, I was smug thinking I had won.   That is until Friday evening when I was closing down the doors, I thought I saw a bird flying around in the darkness.  I turned the lights back on, searched around the barn, but didn’t find anything.  Sunday when I went to the barn to feed the hooligans, I noticed egg shells on top of the bird seed barrel.   I hadn’t won.  I have a recycled gutter tacked to the wall above the stairs that I put small boards and pcv pipe in along with a small flower pot.  Inside the flower pot were two babies and two eggs.  

flower pot w nest


Now what?  Wonder if there is any way I can slowly move the pot outside without the Mom abandoning her babies?  I hope they decide to fledge on one of my off days so I can shoo them outside.  Crazy wren.

The hooligans are terrified of storms since they were shot.  Monday evening I got a big scare.   I heard my back door knob rattling. Looked around the corner from the hallway and it was Patches with the knob in her mouth trying to open it. It was thundering and she tore a hole in my fairly new vinyl screen door.  I've got a piece of a roll somewhere from replacing the screen on a front window after they went through a window screen after some critter. 

Alabama Jubilee

Daylily American Revolution

I've been working out in the garden a lot cleaning up overgrown flower and shrubbery beds and mulching.  I hired some one to help and spent two Saturday’s working the bed along the property line. We got it cleaned up, but broke several of the daylily blooms off in the process.  The blooms are at their peak for the next few weeks. I’ve been bringing cardboard boxes home all week to put under the mulch. After two years of neglect, there is a lot of grass and weed seeds for restocking new growth. The cardboard didn’t go far so I switched to the newspapers I’ve been saving up. I hope to finish it up this Saturday, but it’s supposed to be 95. August temperatures.  We’ve skipped spring again this year. 

I plowed up the garden  again so I could start planting for the third time.  I had my seeds in a cup sitting in the cup holder.  But Mary decided to dig around a bald cypress and with the next pass, I noticed this shredded stuff.  I’ll have to make another trip back to the Co-op for more crook neck squash. I’ll have to reorder the pan squash.  I bet I’ll get a good stand of cucumbers and squash in that one area near the tree.

This coming weekend I plan to work in the garden weeding and mulching. I will take time off to attend the Memorial Day ceremony in Tuscumbia. This year is a special year. I recently found out about a great uncle killed in WWI, and buried in France. I'll be posting his story on a new Tuscumbia and Colbert County historical blog a friend and I started recently.  We named it 'The Tuscumbian' after the old theater in town long gone.

All American Tiger

All American Tiger and bee