Comforting Winter Chicken Recipes

These winter chicken recipes are warming yet healthy.


Warm Chicken-Lentil Salad is healthy and filling.

Courtesy National Chicken Council

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Winter is a busy time of year, but one that is perfect for cooking. Colder weather, combined with holiday entertaining, lure many of us back to the kitchen. If you’re short on time but need a tasty, healthy recipe, chicken is the solution.

Chicken With Grapes and Rosemary Recipe
Chicken-Citrus Salad Recipe
Southern-Style Chicken Stew Recipe
Warm Chicken-Lentil Salad Recipe


These new cold-weather chicken recipes will please family and guests alike. All are made with a minimum number of ingredients that can be obtained during a quick trip to the grocery store, and should take 30 minutes or less, from preparation to serving.

Seasonal Chicken Recipes