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The Big Day

Robert Pekel

Bird Condo


We also discovered that native plants attract birds by supporting insect life with food and shelter. Insects, being the first link in the food chain, attract birds, frogs, and toads and so on up the chain. It turns out that conventional landscapes often consist of foreign plants, such as Bermuda grass, Bradford Pear trees and Privet hedges. Unlike native plants, foreign plants do not provide the food our local insects can use. Not only do they not support insects, but also foreign plants often require chemicals that are toxic to insects. The end result is a sterile and lifeless outdoor living area.

Native plants solve the problem of spraying toxic chemicals. The natural resistance of native plants eliminates the need for chemicals. This is possible because native plants have adapted to local climate and soil conditions. The insect population, pollinators, birds and humans thrive when an environment is free of toxicity.

Anyway, we learned native plants are the foundation of a healthy, sustainable landscape that supports life. Feeders, houses, and water features compliment the native plants and offer a steady, consistent supply of food and water during the dry times of the year. Our outdoor living area now flows within the “Circle of Life.” The connection with Mother Earth is priceless.

 Water feature