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Weekend Update: Mud & Chickens

Welcome to the mud pit. Please bring rain boots if you plan to visit us. Seriously. I need to make a warning sign. We have mud. Lots of mud and guess what's on the forecast for today? Yep, rain. Ugh. 

On the bright side, our pond is full and our ducks are loving it!

Last Saturday, we had to move our pasture coop. We needed to get it to drier land in order to use it to quarantine some new chickens we were getting. We knew it would be hard to move with the mud, so we took my Tahoe into the pasture to pull it. Of course we got the Tahoe stuck. Then we took the truck into the pasture.   

I just knew that we were going to end up with both vehicles stuck, but Eric had just enough solid ground to pull the Tahoe out, move the coop and get the truck back out the gate (without releasing the cow.) This was not without slinging a bunch of mud though. Check out our gate!


 Muddy gate 

After it was all over, it was very difficult for me not to say "I told you so" as, in fact, I had said the night before that if we took the vehicles into the pasture they would get stuck.  After awhile I casually said "you knew they would get stuck" to which Eric replied "Yeah, I know. That was fun!" Weirdo. 

 muddy coop  

After that, we drove up to Fort Payne to pick up some new bantam Barred Rock chickens. We got seven pullets and one rooster (in case we decide to breed these.) They are super cute and they don't eat that much compared to our other birds. They should start laying in a couple of months! 

 new barred rocks 

On Sunday, we avoided the mud for the most part. We trimmed the goats hooves, and shaved Beulah Belle's udder. In other news, I used Eric's beard trimmer, so if he starts looking like one of the guys from Duck Dynasty, you'll know why!   

After that we made a batch of cheddar cheese. We won't know if it was successful for a month, at least. I hate waiting. That's why I usually make mozzarella! It's ready to eat in under an hour. Instant gratification! Take a look at the cheddar curds, though:

 cheddar curds 

So what about you? Are we the only ones who seem to do battle with mud all winter? I suppose it's what we get for not having snow . . .

heather jackson
2/13/2013 10:06:35 PM

Ha ha! Yes, Eric knows. He hasn't trimmed his beard since! Maybe I should have gotten him new clippers for Valentine's Day, but I got him chocolate covered bacon instead! :-)

heather jackson
2/13/2013 10:05:08 PM

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one to have ever lost a shoe in the mud! I definitely think spreading grass seed to cover mud spots is in my near future!

nebraska dave
2/12/2013 12:35:10 AM

Heather, the spring thaw is just starting here in Nebraska. Over the next two weeks or maybe a little longer the muddy season will be upon us here. It's not so bad in Urban town USA but in the country it will deep and sticky. I remember several times at my uncle's farm having a boot come off my foot. Trying to hop around in sticky mud on one foot while trying to pull a boot out of the mud never ends well. The ground that didn't have the deep sticky mud was clay which was like trying to walk on grease. Not real good on a slope. So I know what it's like to slop through the mud to get the chores done. I truly do like Spring but just not the beginning of Spring. And yes us guys are a little weird. We look at every thing as an adventure or a challenge. Have a great Spring thaw day.

chuck mallory
2/11/2013 5:15:42 PM

Considering the drought we had last year, I guess the mud is okay, huh? I guess, though I will stop complaining about it in my yard. That's nothing compared to trying to move the coop, trimming goat hooves and shaving an udder in the mud! Does Eric know you used his beard trimmer?