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Weekend Activities: What to Do

I thought I'd share something on the lighter side today.

Ah, the weekend is here and endless possibilities stretch before us.  What do you do?

 Do you decide to sleep late and catch up on some extra zsss?

 Sleeping horses 

Do you enjoy a leisurely morning with breakfast in bed perhaps?

Khrysta munches hay 

Or do you prefer to wake up early and stretch and then perhaps some yoga to perfect your balance?

 Yoga Turkey 

Perhaps you cherish your alone time and try to avoid crowds?

 Rooster in rafters 

Or maybe a sporting event is more to your liking?

 Playing turkey ball 

Do you get together with your girlfriends for a day of beauty and grooming?

Guineas preening 

Or perhaps you enjoy gazing into the mirror pretending you are America's Next Top Model?

 Turkey looking in the mirror 

Maybe a relaxing soak in the tub is more to your liking as you prepare for the night ahead?

 Dog in tub 

When you share a tender kiss with your beloved.

Horse kiss 

And that my friends is the end.

Mountain Man on the roof 

However you spend your weekends, remember to enjoy yourself and give thanks. 

Mountain Man, Mountain Woman and their clicker trained zoo can be found at