Water Aerobics, Canine Style

Gentle German shepherd loves to swim, play sheriff and help children sharpen their reading skills.

Apollo awaits the command to fetch.

Apollo loves to play fetch, eagerly jumping in to the lake on command.

courtesy Rhonda Weishampel

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I saw your message on Web site www.GermanShepherds.com , also know as the Home of the German Shepherd Dog, and also saw the photos of the German shepherds (from Amy Crawford in the July 18 eNews). So, I thought I'd take you up on your offer to post more German shepherd pictures. Here are a couple of photographs of my 1-year-old German shepherd, Apollo. 

Apollo is a sweet, gentle, sable German shepherd who loves his family and loves to play with other dogs. He also loves it when my son Cole throws a ball into the lake, and Apollo swims after it.

The main photo shows Apollo waiting for his favorite ball to be thrown into the lake! Another photograph shows Apollo dressed up as a sheriff, and in a thrid photo, he and Cole trudge out of the lake. In the last photograph, he accompanies my daughter Halle and a couple of her classmates for their class’s annual “Right to Read” week. The theme this year? “Saddle Up and Read.” Apollo fit right in.

Rhonda Weishampel
Delta Ohio