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Walking With Geese

A Red Pine Mountain Logo My joints are aching lately.  To be honest, my entire body aches as I head to the far side of my fifties.  Will it slow me down?  No, but I've been looking for that perfect exercise partner. One who will understand my needs. And, finally that perfect partner has arrived.

Who is it you ask?  What is it would be the correct answer.  Geese, yes geese.

If you want a cardio workout try turkeys because they run. If you’re into competitive events then use guineas. You will be challenged as they fly off ahead and leave you behind in a flurry of wings.

But geese; geese are delightful. They understand there is no need for hurry. We’ll get there sooner or later. And if we don’t, well we’ve enjoyed the fresh air. That’s my kind of exercise companion. Leave the turkeys and guineas for the always purposeful Mountain Man. I, Mountain Woman of the aching joints, have finally met my match.

Interested? Here’s a typical goose workout session.

First, warm up and STRETCH!


Then walk a few feet. Now the trick here is to see how long it will take you. The longer the better. Remember there is no reason to hurry.


There we have it. A beautiful stretch of grass. We’ve walked at least 10 feet so it’s definitely time to take a break and have a snack. We’ve earned it. We relax for a while. Maybe longer than a while because I was able to get in a much needed restorative nap.


We are all exhausted from our hike. Time to head back to the barn for another snack.


I look at my watch and two hours have passed and I feel refreshed, invigorated.

Yes, if you want an exercise companion that knows how to enjoy life, try some geese. You won’t be disappointed

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