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Traveler's Buggy Training

Meet Traveler...  


Wednesday night, we had to cancel our Wee House Worship.

So we switched gears...and made the best of it.

Since our dear friend Ellen

was already planning her evening with us,

we decided to go with Plan B.

Training Traveler.

So after an outdoor picnic supper, we began.

Ellen took the reins first.


We were told Traveler had been driven in his past.

And when he came to us the first time,

we saw evidence of such with markings on his back legs.

They were worn by the harness rubbing against his hair and skin.

Did you know a horse's skin is 7 times more sensitive than a humans?   


Raz, the overseer, is no stranger to the harness...


He watched intently, as if to glean some information from the exercise.

Or just watch his favorite human, Russ, in the round pen.


It was wonderful having Ellen share her skill of horsemanship.

She's no stranger to driving horses, or dogs, for that matter.

She has a beautiful Haflinger, Bob, who she uses for field work at her Farm.


Traveler responded well to Gee (right)

and Haw (left).


He's quick on his turns.


And has a fast "giddy up" trot.


I'm not sure who worked harder that night. 


But it sure was a great start toward our final goal ~

Traveler as a buggy horse.


I thought you might like to see what the excitement is all about.

This video features a Standardbred who just came from the race track to an Amish Farm.

A young couple is along for the ride, impressed with the speed!

You'll see how fast they trot!

And how much the horse enjoys it! 


Until tomorrow, God willing.