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There's a Fox in the Hen House

 Fox Mulder that is... 

I named our young rooster Fox, since one of his flock is named Agent Scully.

You X-Files fans will recognize this... 

Actually last year, I thought he was a she.

He was born hatched here, just last summer.

Click here for the Blog about this young chick's start in life.


 It's hard to believe that little chick, turned into this beautiful rooster.



 And now, he returned to his birthing hatching grounds with his own flock.  


Nine (9) beautiful hens,

who lay gorgeous eggs for us each and every day.


Side bar:  We actually have two other flocks also...with a total of 4 roosters on site.

Other roosters are:  

DiNozzo, Stewie, and Charlie Sheen (yes, he looks JUST like him...seriously!)

Until tomorrow, God willing.