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The New Llama Pen

By Robyn Dolan 

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 the llama in the playhouse 

The back yard has been home to our two llamas for several years.  They have taken over ownership of my son's playhouse.  They have gladly shared the yard with my gentle pit-bull all that time.  When the dog ran away and we could not find her, we were asked to adopt two dogs whose owner had died.  We accepted and moved them and their kennel into the back yard.

The ladies were seriously affronted.  They made noises we did not know llamas made.  They refused to go near the backyard after their daily foray onto our ten acres.  They would not even come to us for their sweet feed.  Although the llamas do not break through the perimeter fence, there are times when we need to confine them, so we can leave the gates open.  Also, the neighbor dogs like to chase and harass them, so we feel better having them in a pen. where the dogs can't get to them.

A new pen has to be simple.  I just don't have the muscle to do more complicated heavy work.  So we chose a location with a couple of trees for shade and an old shed for shelter.  I started a few t-posts and Li'l Guy finished pounding them in.  Guess I can't call him Li'l Guy for much longer.  He's cleaning stalls and splitting wood now.  But I think I can keep calling him that until he can hoist a bale of hay.  Then we stretched the fencing around the posts and tied it on with baling twine, installed a gate and -voila!- new home.  All that's left is to clean out the shed so they can use it as a shelter.