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The Making of Last Year's Hooligan Christmas Card

A photo of MaryThis years Christmas card is still a work in progress, so I thought I'd share last years Christmas card that I sent out to friends and family.  I got this idea that I would make a Christmas card with the hooligans.  I bought each a big red bow and tied one on the collar of Blackie, Patches and Levi.  The idea was for me to sit in a chair with all three sitting in front of me with their bows on and Mom would take the picture. Well I never got a nice picture I could use for a card.  Patches and Blackie almost got into a fight and I grabbed the collar of each keeping them apart until they settled down.  Levi pushed me out of the chair and  the girls don't like him being up on things and started trying to pull him out of the chair much like they do when he jumps up in the back of my truck or my tractor.  Mom thought she could get them settled enough for me to take a picture, but had as much success as I did.  Afterwards I'm going through the pictures and there is not one I could make a nice card with, so I came up with the idea of  doing a collage and a story inside the card, along with a letter to Santa from the hooligans about how good they were during the past year. 

 Xmas 2010 picture 

Merry Christmas from the hooligans  

Mom decided to that we needed to make a Christmas card. We nixed the Santa hats, so she decided that we were going to wear Christmas bows. But we had other ideas. She even got Grandma to help. We kept them busy until it got too dark and they gave up. Hope you have a Merry Christmas, Blackie, Levi and Patches oh, and Mary 

Hooligans letter to Santa: 

Santa we’ve been very good kids this year.  Mom was digging in the garden and lost some daffodil bulbs and we found all of them for her.  Wouldn’t you know it she lost them again and also some finger looking like bulbs. We found those for her.  She’s so very forgetful as she lost them another time and we had to find them for her again.  When she is planting in the garden we help her by digging holes for her.    

When the wireless fence was broken we didn’t want to worry her so we went visiting the neighbors while she was at work.  We meant to get back before she got home, but she came home early that day. We just hate that she had to be out in the cold all day Saturday putting a new wire in the ground because of it.  

We keep busy catching mice for her, but for some reason she got upset when we dug up those trees down in the lower forty. We just thought they were in her way while she was mowing grass and really thought we were helping.  And we thought those daylilies and iris that we dug up chasing mice were big clumps of grass that needed to be weeded out of the garden. After all, the best thing in life is to be able to roll in fresh garden soil.  How were we supposed to know that she had just planted those new beds that we were running through and wrestling in?  She had just dug it up and we thought the fresh dirt was for us.   

Those things that we drug out of the garage into the yard, we just wanted to put them in the trash for Mom, but we couldn’t open the lid to the trash can. Honestly Santa.  And if we knew that she was going to send out our Christmas card with all of the tom foolery on it, we would have posed nicely, honest Santa. We will do better next year when she makes us wear reindeer antlers.   

And that downspout we pulled off of the house, it was an accident.  We were shaking it trying to get the lizard to run out, honest Santa.  That screen we tore out, well the lizard ran out and we grabbed it and accidently bit into the screen instead. Those lizards are faster than a Border collie.   

We’ve really been good Santa. When Mom comes home after a long day at work smelling like the hospital Levi rubs himself all over her to get the country smell on her good clothes.  When it’s been raining and we’ve taken a bath in the garden, we are very good to share with Mom and get her wet just like us.   

 Please bring us a large bag of raw hide chews and each of us a big bag of dog biscuits, but don’t bring those healthy ones that Mom gives us each day.  We also want a triple amount of our dog food. Mom had us on a diet and dieting time is over now that it’s Christmas.  Honestly Santa, we’ve been good this year.  

 *****I'll update you on this years card shortly.  I've gotten off of my crutches and graduated to a cane and I start back to work this week.  This past weekend was busy taking pictures at the Plantation Christmas at the Belle Mont mansion.  This event is a fund raiser for the continued restoration of this magnificent home rescued from ruins in the 1980's. Next weekend we have our first Dickens Christmas ya'll celebration and tour of some of the historical homes in Tuscumbia.