Fresh and Fun Summer Chicken Recipes

Keep cooking simple in the summer with these easy summer chicken recipes.


Summer is all about fresh flavors and simple recipes.


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It’s the best time of year for outdoor dining, complete with many occasions to celebrate. From a Father’s Day picnic to a Labor Day cookout, the summer months can be a time of tasty fun.

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Chicken Sandwiches With Lemon-Basil Zucchini Ribbons and Boursin Cheese Recipe


With so many things to do outside of the kitchen, make “quick and easy” the go-to for new recipes. With chicken the center of the meal, you have just that — recipes that come together quickly, with a minimal number of ingredients.

Make the most of the season’s bounty of flavors with these recipes, all while keeping prep time to a minimum. What better way to make the most of summer?

Seasonal Chicken Recipes