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Specialty Goat Toys

 Goat on a Spool 

Goats are playful animals.  If you have never spent any time around goats, I urge you to change that.  I love to interact with them and watch their antics!  If you are ignoring them when they want to play, they will sometimes just bump right into you until you start paying attention to them.  Goats also love to climb and jump.  I once witnessed one of our goats trying desperately (but unsuccessfully) to climb a tree to get to the leaves she had her eye on, and I saw our youngest goat literally jump into the crotch of a tree to get a better vantage point yesterday!

Like many goat owners, we have recognized a need for our goats to have some "specialty goat toys."  


The Playground 

The Goat Playground


We dug holes and "planted" tires in the ground.  The goats love to jump from tire to tire!


My husband brought home a wire spool from work.

 Baby Slide 

Our kids outgrew their slide, but the goats didn't!  They seem to enjoy knocking it over!

Keeping goats busy, fed and entertained goes a long way towards keeping them contained.  Goats are notorious for breaking out of their fences, but the happier they are inside your fence, the less likely they are to try escaping!   Take a look around your yard.  I bet you can find something for your goats to climb on that won't cost you a dime!

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