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Winter Storm Preparations for Backyard Chicken Keepers

Tillys NestLiving in the northeast, we have just become accustomed to snow and sometimes lots of it during winter. It is always important for us to keep an eye on the weather, as we can quickly go from a morning filled with abundant sunshine into an afternoon with complete white out conditions. One of the most important things that we do when we know a storm is coming is to prepare the chickens and their housing to make weathering the storm easier. Here are some tips as to what we do as we prepare for snow.

First, we are sure to clean the chicken coop.

Add a supply of fresh water and food inside the coop.

Keep extra emergency water on hand for your flock.

Visit the feed store.

Take inventory of your chicken first-aid kit and restock as necessary.

Snowy chicken coop

Consider adding a layer of plastic sheeting around the chicken run.

Reinforce any predator proofing and locks.

 We don't heat the coop.

Consider locking the flock inside the coop during the worst of the storm, especially over night for safety.

Keep a shovel near your door along with some snow boots and mittens.

Chickens are snow blind.